As tax preparation service professionals, we know tax law and are prepared to apply that information to your return. We begin by asking your questions and give you a checklist of items to bring to the meeting. You will need receipts showing business expenses and documents supporting income tax claims. As we go through your return, we will search for every deduction you can legally receive.

Because we know which questions to ask, we can speed the process along. If you have children and pay for childcare, we will file for a child tax credit for you when you qualify. Worksheets for some credits and deductions can be cumbersome when unfamiliar but we will walk you through the process to ensure that your tax bill is no higher than it should be.

As professionals, we are there for you if your tax return is chosen for an audit. Our signature is on your return and we will come with you to defend the choices made and prepare documentation to support you. A tax audit can be a frightening prospect but when a professional creates a return it will be accurate and will satisfy the IRS.

Good professional advice is not cheap. But it should not cost an arm and a leg. We offer very reasonable and fair rates. Our primary function is to give good tax preparation advice. We are featured on this El Paso city website.

A very important aspect of hiring a professional to do your taxes is the advice that you will receive. You may be eligible to place money into a retirement fund and not have to pay taxes on that money. There may be other scenarios pertinent to your financial status that can substantially help you save money on your next year’s return.  A qualified tax adviser will work with you to restructure your financial life. And if you own a business we can help just about any industry, from a financial service to a taxi company and everything in between.

Taxes are inevitable. However, if you hire a service to help you prepare your tax return, you may pay a lower rate and retain more money in your personal accounts.