Premier Tax and Financial Services is about providing excellent services with world class customer service. Professionalism, dedication and hard work are the cornerstones of the Premier Tax organizational structure. We are the leading provider in the industry by offering expert tax consulting with superior tax service acumen. Taxes done right! Our clients receive tax consulting as opposed to simple tax preparation or data entry. We are a “full Service” tax service company, without the high end price tag of accountant fees or specialized consulting fees.

We offer all our clients the “Premier Package” at a “basic” service fee. We care about our clients. No client is too “small” or “simple”. Every client is counseled by an expert tax preparer. Premier Tax works hard to maximize client tax refunds. Premier Tax and Financial Services will advise customers on successful tax planning. We apply all the credits and deductions that tax payers qualify and are entitled to. Premier Tax Agents are educated and experienced tax consultants. Premier consultants are trained to analyze every situation and special circumstance. Each tax return preparation is customized to the individual’s special circumstances. We assist clients with complex tax planning, such as small business owners and self-employed. We also offer professional bookkeeping assistance. In combination with expert consulting, we provide a great customer service experience.